Anniversary Portrait For My Parents


This is an pencil portrait that I drew for my wonderful parents’ 30th wedding anniversary.

I drew this pencil portrait from a photo that I took while they were visiting here in Arizona.

Here’s the original (Black and White.)

Original For Anniversary Portrait

Unfortunately, the bright Arizona sun caused quite a bit of glare on their glasses. I was able to take the glare out in the final anniversary portrait, however, which lets you see their eyes so much better.

If you need a great gift idea for an anniversary, let me know, and I will draw a custom pencil anniversary portrait from a photo that you cherish. It doesn’t matter whether this is a gift for a 50th anniversary, or the very first, an anniversary portrait like this will make anyone feel special. (End shameless plug . :) )

Let me know what you think! I’d really appreciate your comments. If you like this portrait and you think you know someone who would appreciate having this as an anniversary gift idea, please share with them.


About Kathryn Brown

Kathryn Brown is a professional artist, entrepreneur and writer. She is passionate about re-creating the beauty around her into art for others, especially through pencil. You can commission portraits from her and read her blog at